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Nobuo ”NoB" Yamada


Plays L-09

Nobuo “NoB” Yamada is a vocalist and guitarist of DAIDA LAIDA. The main theme song of “Saint Seiya” and “Todoroki Sentai Bowkenger” is sung by NoB. In 1983, he participated in Munetaka Higuchi’s (LOUDNESS Drummer) solo album “Destruction,” then he debuted as a vocalist in “Make-Up” in 84. Released four albums. Participated in “URUGOME” in 86. In 88, “GRAND-PRIX” was formed and released five albums. He has worked with numerous units, sessions, and recordings such as VANITY, P.A.F (X Japan/PATA), and has been active in various activities. He is currently participating in live performances in South America, Europe, and other overseas and many anime song events.

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