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Acoustic guitar pickup technology has changed dramatically over the past decade. L.R. Baggs has stayed at the top of their game with unsurpassed R&D leading to one of the highest quality pickup systems on the market today. Many of our guitars currently come standard with award winning L.R. Baggs preamps. Using internal mics as part of their systems, which include the Dual Source and more recently the Anthem, L.R. Baggs is constantly pushing the limits of acoustic pickup/preamp technology and never stopping short of sonic perfection.

Founder Lloyd Baggs builds his pickups in sunny Nipomo, California, about 2 hours from our California shop.


Stagepro Element


The Stagepro Element is a side-mounted preamp/EQ that offers battery access and a full chromatic tuner that is hidden beneath the control panel to maintain a clean, classy look. The three band EQ with phase inversion and Garrett Null notch filter controls deliver warm, pristine sound even under the most challenging conditions. The system includes the Element pickup and pre-wired strapjack.


Stagepro Anthem


The side-mounted Stagepro Anthem provides easy battery access and a built-in tuner that is hidden beneath the control panel to maintain a clean, classy look. The mix control blends from the augmented TRU MIC position to Element pickup only. Bass & treble controls, phase inversion and a notch filter offer tone shaping along with maximum feedback suppression. The Stagepro Anthem comes complete with the TRU•MIC and Element pickup.


Anthem (no-cut)


The Anthem has all of the essential tools in one complete system. The feather-weight preamp and controls include: volume, mix, phase and a battery check. The mix control blends from the augmented TRU•MIC position to Element pickup only.

*This pickup system utilizes fingerwheel controls and does not have side mount slider controls.



iMix (no-cut)


Expand your versatility and tonal range with the iMix no-cut by combining two sources in one system. Capturing the guitar with the strengths of two sources empowers you to dial in a more complex sound and provides versatility for a better quality performance in a variety of environments. An internally mounted preamp allows you to send separate signals in stereo or seamlessly mix both sources with a soundhole mounted remote.


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