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 Welcome to Larrivée Electrics. We build our electrics with the same quality and expertise as our acoustic guitars. All Larrivée electrics are American-made here in California, USA using only the highest quality parts, materials, and craftsmanship. Everything you would expect from Larrivée.  From start to finish, quality assurance is paramount. Inspecting and calibrating machinery and tooling for precision building is an everyday part of making high-end electrics. From our ultra-light Louisiana Swamp Ash bodies and East Indian Rosewood fingerboards to American Rock Maple necks, every piece is hand selected for quality, weight, and appearance.

 When it comes to electronics, you can trust we have put in the time and thought to develop the best-sounding and performing controls and electronics. Such as genuine vintage paper-in-oil capacitors for linear tone pots and Bournes ultra-smooth potentiometers. We make our newly designed pickups here at Larrivée with over 30 years of experience, dating back to our first-generation Larrivée electrics in the 80s. You can see, hear, and feel every bit of quality that goes into our electric line.


Baker-T Classic 2023

Baker-T PRO


 When you first put the new Baker-T Classic in your hands, you can tell right away this is not just another electric of this genre. Every detail has been thought out and meticulously crafted, inside and out, to bring you one of the best-sounding and most versatile electric guitar today. The body is crafted from single-piece ultra-light American Swamp Ash and weighs in on average at a comfortable 6-7 pounds. The Baker-T Classic comes with a quartersawn Indian Rosewood fretboard on a hard maple neck for that warm, spacious tone you find on our Baker-T Pro. The neck is fitted to the body using only premium stainless steel machine screws and precision threaded inserts. And when it comes to the bridge, we've designed a new exclusive double-cut from thick polished stainless steel, no plating, and custom large-diameter marine brass barrel saddles.

 Most importantly, our newly designed in-house built pickups provide superior balance and are perfectly matched. The bridge pickup features AlNiCo 3 wide-diameter magnets that have been custom mirrored for a cool 3D effect. The neck pickup features custom-made wide-diameter AlNiCo 6 Magnets. These provide a sweet, complete, balanced tone in the neck position. True to our high standards, the neck pickup is covered with a genuine nickel-silver cover. Sorry, no subpar coated brass here! Each pickup is wound with 43 gauge plain enamel wire and spun on a 60-year-old vintage Leesona pickup winder. How cool is that? Both pickups are lightly potted in a mix of Parrafin and Beewax.

 The control plate is one of our favorite features of the Baker-T Classic. We have shifted the volume knob back about 3/8 of an inch, giving you more room between the CRL 3-Way Switch and the Bourns ultra-smooth potentiometers. And get this, we dug into Matthew's private collection of vintage paper-in-oil capacitors for the linear tone pot. Finally, everything is connected to a Pure Tone 4-point jack, so your cable will never come loose during rigorous playing.

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