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 The Larrivée Baker-T PRO is our ultra-high-end electric for any player that demands the finest. Baker-T PRO employs only the highest quality parts and materials available. Exactly what you would expect from any guitar built under the Larrivée brand. You'll enjoy hours of effortless and comfortable playing with features like our fast-playing "Slim C" neck profile and "Super-Satin" hand-rubbed satin-finish neck. The Baker-T PRO is a fully loaded, fully serviceable electric that will inspire any player to take it to the next level.

 What separates the Baker-T Pro from the Classic is the customized cap-wood selection, which is available in eight exotic tonewoods; Spalted Maple, Figured Rosewood, Flamed Maple, Quilted Maple, Bubinga, Hawaiin Koa, Ziricote, and Flamed Redwoods. Also, the Rock Maple neck gets a custom flamed maple upgrade. It doesn't get any better than that!




Larrivée Baker-T PRO Specifications:


PRICE: $3598


• Choice of cap wood: Various Species at Customer Request

• Main Body: Light Weight Swamp Ash (Fraxinus Americana)

• Traced from 1953 Blackguard



• Spalted maple • BKP-SM • 84425602466

• Figured Rosewood • BKP-RX • 844256024973

• Flamed Maple • BKP-FM • 844256024980

• Quilted Maple • BKP-QM • 844256024997

• Bubinga • BKP-BB • 844256025000

• Hawaiian Koa • BKP-KA • 844256025017

• Ziricote • BKP-ZR • 844256025024

• Flamed Redwood • BKP-FR • 844256025031



• Single piece Rock Maple neck

• Fast Playing “Slim-C” Neck

• 25.5" Scale Length

• First Fret 0.825” - 12th Fret 0.875”

• 1 & 11/16 Nut Width

• CNC Machined Compound Radius. 9.5” Radius at the nut, 14” Radius at the 20th Fret

• Dual Action Truss Rod w/ Spoke Nut Adjustment at Body

• Indian Rosewood Fretboard w/MOP Dots

• High-Density Bone Nut



• Traditional 1950s Deep Pocket Bolt-On.

• Stainless Steel Threaded Neck Inserts / Stainless Steel Neck Screws

• Neck Angle Machined into Neck Pocket/Heel for Perfect Saddle Height



• Hand-sprayed ultra-high sheen gloss pure acrylic body

• “Super-Satin” hand rubbed satin finish neck



• Gotoh SDS 510 Nickel Tuners w/ CARD system (Made in Japan)

• Polished Stainless steel Larrivée bridge plate (Made in USA)

• Stainless Steel String Ferrules (Made in USA)

• Stainless steel "extra thick" neck plate (Made in USA)

• Custom stainless steel polished control plate. Volume knob further from switch. (Made in USA)

• Compensated large barrel brass Larrivée saddle (Made in USA)

• Stainless steel threaded neck inserts & neck screws (Made in USA)

• Dual-action truss rod

• Nickel silver medium fret wire

• Compensated large barrel brass Larrivée saddle (Made in USA)

• Stainless steel threaded neck inserts & neck screws



• Yarn wrapped Alnico 5 large pole bridge - Potted to prevent feedback

• Custom Alnico 6 neck pickup potted w. nickel silver cover

• Pickups connected RWRP for humbucking when played in center switch position

• Pickups wound with vintage 43 gauge plain enamel

• Cloth pushback wire leads



• Traditional CRL 3-way switch

• Custom Bourns "low-drag" 250 audio taper pot

• Custom Bourns  "low-drag" 300k linear taper pot

• Vintage paper-in-coil capacitor (0.047uf)

• Puretone jack w/ 4 contact points mounted in Electrosocket jack mount

• 50s style wiring


• D’addario XL110 Strings

• Hard Shell Case


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