Larrivée Fingerstyle Series - pt 8

August 21, 2022

Larrivée Fingerstyle Series - pt 8 • Travis Bowman feat. Matt Thomas • "The Spider"

The "Spider" is a sonic journey over cascading waterfalls and carving through jewel-blue rivers. Take a drink, it's very refreshing.
2018 Winfield Fingerstyle champion, Travis Bowman, flew to Virginia to do a run of shows with his good friend and supported Larrivée artist Matt Thomas. Matt introduced Travis to his custom Larrivée's, and this creation spawned! Travis decided to play the guitar that Matt had won the 2019 Fingerstyle Collective International Championship with.
Guitars played are: *C-10 12-fret Custom (Mastergrade Austrian Red Moonspruce/Mastergrade Ziricote) *CS-09 Matt Thomas Limited Series (12-fret, Mastergrade Sitka/Mastergrade Ziricote, custom Octopus Inlay by Wendy Larrivée)
Song: "The Spider" by Travis Bowman feat. Matt Thomas Recording and Production by Matt Thomas Video shot with Sony A7C 35mm 1.8f - Ronin DJI RSC2 Recorded with Schoeps CMC6 MK4 - Pendulum SPS1 - UA Apollo X4 - Cubase

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