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Welcome to our Larrivée museum section. Here you will find a visual history illustrating much of our early days right up to the present day.  Over time we will be adding more photos so return and visit occasionally for updated photos and quotes. If you happen to have interesting photos relative to our history, please contact us and share with us your photos at


Edgar Monch. This is the gentleman solely responsible for inspiring and teaching Jean Larrivée to build guitars.

David Wren • circa 1976 • Long time friend and orignal apprentice, David Wren, became 12th Fret Toronto guitar shop owner and now luthier in his own right.

Commander Chris Hadfield and NASA took our Parlor P-01 guitar to new heights.

Wiilie Watson and his best friend OM-01. This guy is a living legend.

Pretty cool when you see guys like Peter Yarrow warming up with their L-09

David Iannone (Morgan Guitars) and Jean Larrivée. Two good friends about to hit the water and walk Sitka Spruce log booms in search of guitar tops.

John Jr & Jean Sr walking log booms inspecting Sitka Spruce logs. Family time Larrivée style.

William "Grit" Laskin • circa 1975 • A highly respected luthier in his own right, Grit's was Jean's first apprentice/partner in the early 70's.

Ben Mattheson, wood shop supervisor for over a decade in the 2000's. Splitting logs into blocks for guitar top processing.

Sarah brown, cool RS2 electric, cool woman, cool Canadian.

Jean Larrivée circa mid 80's - 267 East 1st St, North Vancouver

Eric Nagler (Toronto Folklore Center) & Jean Larrivée at the Mariposa Folk Festival circa 1974.

Carolyn Dawn Johnson stops by the shop to visit her pal Jean

Renowned luthiers in their own right, Linda Manzer and Grit Laskin getting together at the Larrivée residents - circa mid 70's.

James Fidler & John Larrivée Jr upstairs in final neck fit circa 2012. Final neck fit is one of the toughest skills to master.

Next to Larrivée family members, no one has worked for the company longer than Neil Matier.

Good firends David Iannone (Morgan Guitars) and Klaus Helmutt. Klaus designed and built many guitar machines and tools for Larrivée over a 30 year period.

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