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Welcome to our Larrivée museum section. Here you will find a visual history illustrating much of our early days right up to the present day.  Over time we will be adding more photos so return and visit occasionally for updated photos and quotes. If you happen to have interesting photos relative to our history, please contact us and share with us your photos at

NAMM 2018

OMV-10 Madagascar "Rose Lady" Austrian Moonsprice Top

00-60RM Romanian Maple "Torch" Austrian Moonspruce Top

LV-10KK Hawaiin Koa "Jester"

C-10 East Indian Rosewood "Anna" Austrian Moonspruce Top

D-10WW Austrian Walnut

OM-10M Malaysian Ebony "Sophia" Austrian MoonSpruce Top

LV-10GR Indian Silver Oak "Jester" Austrian Moonspruce Top

OMV-10QM Quilted Maple "Dancer" Austrian Moonspruce Top

LV-10KK Hawaiian Koa "Seahorse"

OM-10FW Austrian Walnut "Aimée" Austrian Moonspruce Top

OM-10RX Rosewood "Vine/Logo" Austrian Moonspruce Top

OM-10ZR Cent Am Ziricote "Anna" Austrian Moonspruce Top

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