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Welcome to our Larrivée museum section. Here you will find a visual history illustrating much of our early days right up to the present day.  Over time we will be adding more photos so return and visit occasionally for updated photos and quotes. If you happen to have interesting photos relative to our history, please contact us and share with us your photos at

Label History

1969 - First known label. Printed by Jean

1970 label - Notice missing "E"

1970 label #2


1974 label - Designed by renowned artist, Allan McGee. Circa 1974 -79 • First evidence of Jean's signature evolution.


1976 label - Jean's consummated signature to this day

1977 - Last Toronto label

1978 - First Victoria Label • circa 1977 - 1979

1979 - This would be the last year of the Allan McGee label before it's reissued return in 2007.

1980 Victoria label - Charub design by Wendy Larrivée - Circa 1980-81

1982 - Updated charub design Wendy Larrivée - Circa 1982-94 • This label remained in circulation during North Vancouver days.

1995 - 2013 • This would be the last of Canadian issued labels that spand nearly two decades.

2002 • To commemorate Jean's move to California in 2001, a special limited line was available.

1967 - 1997 • 30th Anniversary

1967 - 2007 • 40th Anniversay

2012 - present • Todays contemporary label. Designed by Wendy Larrivée

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