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L-28 - Toronto 1976

Custom D-10WW Walnut - 2013

Rare Pelican inlay on an OM-10 - North Vancouver 1989

L-78 & L72 Presentations - Victoria 1978

Bruce Cockburn's 1975 Brazilian cutaway - Toronto

D-10 Sacha Rosewood - California 2013

L-78 Presentation w/very rare ivory bridge and fingerboard. Victoria 1979

L-28 Eagle - Toronto 1976

Ivory bridge/scrimshaw circa 1979 - Victoria

Kevin Head's 1971 & Paul Rappell's 1972 Larrivée Dreadnaughts. The 1971...

Ian Bell's 1972 Dreadnaught

D-03 - Haisla artist Lyle Wilson - Vancouver 2011

Certificate for Commemorative P-01 'ISS' - Vancouver 2013

Limited P-01 "ISS" Commemorative 1/200 - Vancouver 2013

This lute was built by Jean's teacher, Edgar Monch, in the early 70's. A...

This water stained Big Leaf Maple parlor was built by Jean for his wife...

This pair of 1971 & 1972 Larrivée dreadnaughts are owned by Larrivée...

A 1974 dreadnaught. This would later become the standard D-09

On display at Vancouver International Airport, Bruce Cockburns 1974...

You can see in this 1976 L-28, Jean's body depths were still being...

This mid 70's "L" owned by John bienvenue shows off the earliest headstock...

Jean began experimenting heavily in the late 70's with designs an...

Rare one-off headstock inlay on this 1979 Custom L-28.

Nice pair of 1979 Presentation models. 1979 was spent focussing heavily on...

During 1979, Jean was heavily experimenting with materials and design.

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