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Welcome to our Larrivée museum section. Here you will find a visual history illustrating much of our early days right up to the present day.  Over time we will be adding more photos so return and visit occasionally for updated photos and quotes. If you happen to have interesting photos relative to our history, please contact us and share with us your photos at

1970's - Early Day's

Iconic photo of Jean with first acoustic cutaway • Built for Bruce Cockburn • Toronto 1974.

The shop kitchen was used for final setups

Linda Manzer scaraping glue after bracing tops.

David Wren glueing tail blocks to frame.

Jean Larrivée taking time for a smile.

Fitting top and back to frame inside fram mold.

A young Sergei de Jonge then aprentice.

Primitive methods of glueing top bracing.

Linda Manzer & Jean Larrivée

Early method of using rope to bind purfling to body.

William "Grit" Laskin and Linda Manzer • House party at Jean's.

Micheal Schreiner, pore filling with paint brush in the kitchen.

David Wren doing some finish polishing.

William "Grit" Laskin, playing with shavings and dust making magic.

Rack of guitars ready to go out • Grover Imperials were standard tuners in the mid to late 70's.

Tony Duggen-Smith. Then apprentice, soon to be guitarist/song writer for the Pukka Orchestra.

Neck sanding in the climate room.

Many nylon string guitars were built during the 70's.

William "Grit" Laskin and a matching set of spruce.

L to R: George Gray, Linda Manzer, Mike Jones (Wendy Larrivée's brother) Jean Larrivée, David Wren & Michael Schreiner.

Some finishing work on a steel string.

Michael Schreiner buffing gloss finish.

David Wren and Linda Manzer sharing some discussion with Tony Duggen-Smith.

Jean hand carving necks.

"Spyder" Dan, buffing up some high gloss action.

Learning how to glue backs to frames.

Mike Jones (Wendy Larrivé's brother), fought fitting necks to body.

Wood storage was in Jean's basement.

Jean's first of many thickness sanders.

Murray, routing out soundholes on guitar tops.