For consideration on being listed as a Larrivée artist, please send a press kit to:

Please include a bio on yourself, media related information, your own personal history with Larrivée, and most of all why you'd like to be known as a Larrivée artist. In return for your support, Larrivée offers a place with hyperlinks on our web page, news and social media support, as well as artist pricing on all acoustic and electric models. We look forward to hearing from you.


Larrivée Artists


Maxwell Hughes

Tim Moyer

David Crowder Band


David Church

Alx Kawakami

Richie Arndt

Peter Kroll-Ploeger

Pete Smith ( Larrivee's UK Clinician )

George Canyon

Miko Marks

Rench (Gangsta Grass)

Jimi Cravity

Steve Deal

Tiago Iorc

Heino Moeller

Scott Southworth

Greg Barnhill

Robby Springfield (Nashville Allstar Band)

Mike Brookshire (Nashville Allstar Band)

Guthrie Trapp (Jerry Douglass Band)

Brad Paisley

Willie Watson

Shaun Hopper

Maureen Ennis

Brooks Vaughan (Hayfire)

The White Buffalo

Clint Perry (Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew)

Ray Scott

Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Ryan Bullington (Keith Urban Band)

Dierks Bentley

Klaus Eichstadt (Ugly Kid Joe)

Danny Bean

Tom Wurth

Jim Kimball (Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, N'Sync)

Steve Louvat

Kyle O'Neal

Neal Merrick

Brian Henke

Juni Fisher

Doc Stovall

Andy Abad (Marc Anthony,Backstreet Boys Tour 2000-2001,LA session guitarist)

Tarigh Akoni (Whitney Houston, Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt)

Adam Zimmon (Shakira)

David Cabrerra (Ricky Martin)

Brad Davidge (Natalie MacMaster)

Jason Lang (Amanda Marshall)

Ben Pasley (Enter The Worship Circle)

Tim Pierce (L.A. Session guitarist)

Justin King

Denis Turbide

Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakum)


Red Haired Strangers

Chris Hadfield - Astronaut

John Rice

Georg Danzer

Dustin Furlow

Paul Erdman

Nick Drummond

Jonathan Auerbach

Gordie Sampson

Trevor Lewington (Jubilee Riots)

Scott Brantley

Dave Isaacs

Robert Bruey

Peter Ratzenbeck

Adam Cohen

Steve Louvat

Jon Michaels

Raul Midon

Sean Smith (Michelle Wright)

Bob Minner (Tim McGraw)

Leslie West

John Sebastian

Gerard Smith

Jeff Paris (Keb Mo)

Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies)

Derek Scott (Peabo Bryson, Boys 2 Men)

Mae Moore

Jeff Douglas (Oakridge Boys)

Chad Jeffers (The Wilkinsons,Pinmonkey)

Mark Karan (Bob Weir, The Otherones)

Troy Lancaster (Nashville Session guitarist)

John Hiatt

Donna Mackay

Shane Adkins 
2005 International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion

Jim Glasby
2005 Texas State Best Flatpicking Championship

John Standefor (National Fingerstyle winner 2002)

Richard Smith (National Fingerstyle winner 2001)

Peter Huttlinger (National Fingerstyle winner 2000)

Scott Henderson (Tribal Tech, Zawinul Syndicate)


Rene Toledo (Gloria Estefan, producer, Miami session guitarist)

Tony Franklin (Jimmy Page)

Tim Abraham (Toronto session guitarist)

Steve Booke (NY soloist)

Peter Gouzouasis (Prof.of Music/Curriculum Studies, UBC)

Derrick Howard

Jay Leach (soloist)

Efron Nitrauw (2MC - From Holland)

Michael Thompson (LA session guitarist)

Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary)

Jed Marum