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All Larrivées are built from the finest materials available, no matter what series you own. Our combination of world class craftsmanship and all solid wood construction result in a peerless instrument of legendary tone and quality. With your choice between our X-Brace and Scalloped Parabolic Hybrid bracing systems, we're sure you will find the tone that is right for you.


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    May 23, 2016

    Extremely popular during the late 1970's

    acoustic revolution, the collectable, and coveted 72 Series is a culmination of the finest of everything we do. From it's wood selections to the detailed inlay art work, every sense of sight and sound will be stimulated by luxery. Today we are seeing a renewed interest in these spectacular models in both domestic and international countries.

    The L-72 Presentation shown here is built from the finest Madagascar Rosewood and Austrian Spruce combination hand selected by Jean Larrivée. Headstock inlay is designed by the hand of Wendy Larrivée, one of the most talented in her craft. The detailed work on the 72 Series is the result of countless hours, all by our most skilled hands. Once completed, these models are cherished by the makers and player alike.

    You will find complete specs and images for this L-72 Presentation in our Specialty Model page of the products section.

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  • "I Love my Larrivée! It's a big part of my life"
    - Tommy Emmanuel
    Finger style champion

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