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Repair / Obtaining a Repair Authorization

In the event that you detect signs of defect or damage in your Larrivee guitar, please follow these steps to have the problem(s) addressed:


Consult Your Dealer

All Larrivee authorized dealers are qualified to advise you regarding the details of processing a repair or return. Contact your dealer first, before proceeding with any other action, to obtain a Return Authorization number. It is important to note that all returns must be preceded by a Return Authorization (RA) number. Returns that do not have a valid RA number number prominently displayed on the carton will be rejected and returned freight-collect to the point of origin. Obtaining an RA number is the responsibility of the dealer. Larrivee will not accept repair or return claims direct from end-user customers except in the event the dealer who originally sold the guitar is no longer accessible to that end user. If this is the case please call or click HERE

Dehydration and Warranty

Fully 80% of the guitars returned requiring repair have damage which is the result of severe dehydration. Damage due to dehydration is not covered under warranty because it is owner-preventable environmental damage. Many people do not realize how damaging very low humidity can be on a solid wood instrument. Please refer to the article we have written which illustrates the damage lack of humidity can cause. Use this article to see if your guitar shows signs of dehydration. The article can be found HERE.

Packing the Instrument for Shipping

Another event that occurs is damage during shipping due to improper packing. This type of damage is also not covered under warranty because it is a owner-preventable condition. Please follow these steps to ensure your guitar arrives safely

  • Ship the guitar with the guitar at full tension / regular tuning Do not loosen the strings.
  • Remove the battery from the battery clip and put it in the case compartment.
  • Put a lot of packing under the headstock of the guitar. Either use a couple of old t-shirts (Which will be returned) or a lot of newspaper. The headstock should be resting firmly on packing material and not floating. The goal of this is to keep the headstock from snapping back if the box falls over during shipping.
  • Ship the guitar in a box meant for a guitar. Your local music store (Whether or not a Larrivee Dealer) likely receives guitars regularly - ask them for an old guitar box - they will probably just give you one if you ask nicely. Often the packing materials will still be in the box. You want the case to be supported on top, bottom, and side once inside the carton.
  • Please do not use foam chips - they do not protect the instrument.
  • Make sure to write your RA number on the box.

Repair Assessment

Returns assessed by Larrivee’s Repair Department are assigned to one of the following four categories

Warranty/Repairable: the guitar is assessed as having a manufacturer’s defect and will be repaired free of charge. Larrivee will only pay return shipping charges.

Warranty/Unrepairable: the guitar is assessed as having a manufacturer’s defect that is not repairable. The guitar will be exchanged free of charge for a new replacement guitar, or the customer will be credited for their purchase via the original dealer, at the customer’s option. Larrivee pays shipping charges for the replacement guitar only. Larrivee keeps the original damaged guitar, and it will not be returned to the customer under any circumstances.

Non-warranty/repairable: the damage to the guitar is not due to manufacturer’s defect and is therefore not covered under warranty. The customer may elect to have Larrivee complete chargeable repair work, or decline the repair and have the guitar returned, at their option. Customer pays return shipping charge. NOTE: The guitar will be kept at the factory for NO MORE THAN ,FIVE BUSINESS DAYS following date of first attempt to obtain authorization to complete a chargeable repair. If after five business days, we have received no instructions, the guitar will be returned to the customer or dealer freight collect.

Non-warranty/Unrepairable: the damage to the guitar is not due to manufacturer’s defect and is therefore not covered under warranty. The customer may elect to have Larrivee return the guitar or destroy it, at their option. If the former, customer pays all shipping charges.

Completing the Repair

Depending on the outcome of the warranty assessment, your dealer will advise you regarding the nature of the repair required and whether any charges apply, and the expected completion date of the repair. Your dealer will also advise you as to when the guitar is expected to be returned for pickup.

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