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Sitka Spruce is grown mainly in the coast swamp lands of the pacific northwest forest belt. By far the most common of the spruces used in music industry today, but also one of the hardest to find good quality wood. Only 1 in 1000 trees is suitable for instrument making, and only 1 of those is suitable for Larrivee.

High grade spruce is characterized by it's tight even grain and color. It's used as a tone wood because it's light and quite strong, which means we can make the soundboard quite thin. The thinner the top, the more it can vibrate, and the more sound is produced.

Sitka Spruce is the standard top wood on all Larrivee Flat-top guitars today.


African/Indian Ebony
Brazilian Rosewood
Flamed Maple
Hawaiian Koa
Indian Rosewood
Quilted Maple
Sitka Spruce




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