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Hawaiian Koa grows slowly to a height of fifty feet or more, with a crown of far-spreading branches. The tree is found in the mountainous areas of the Hawaiian Islands, usually between altitudes of 1500 and 4000 feet (500 to 1300 meters).

The highest quality Koa is found at the highest elevations. Koa, often called "Hawaiian mahogany," is perhaps the most valuable timber resource in Hawaii. When polished, it is a beautiful golden color, with orange, red, and brown accents, through which (in the highest grade wood) wavy lines known as “flame” show. Koa is hard to pigeonhole when it comes to it’s sound, though it can often be brighter sounding than other dark colored tone woods.

It is one of the few hardwoods that can make a good soundboard as well as back and sides.


African/Indian Ebony
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Flamed Maple
Hawaiian Koa
Indian Rosewood
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