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Ebony is used for all Larrivee Fretboards and bridges. There are two main types of ebony used for guitar construction:
East Indian Ebony, and African Ebony.

East Indian Ebony comes from the Indo-Malayan region, and is black or reddish-black, with strongly contrasting light colored streaks. This species also features mostly straight grain, fine and even texture, and a lustrous sheen.

African Ebony is jet-black or black-brown in color, with a pink colored sapwood when freshly cut, darkening to a pale brown. The texture of the African species is very fine, with a grain that varies from straight to slightly interlocked or somewhat curly.

Indian ebony is becoming harder to procure, and many manufacturers have switched completely to African Ebony, we use both types, but in general we use more African Ebony. Ebony is not typically used as a body wood.

African/Indian Ebony
Brazilian Rosewood
Flamed Maple
Hawaiian Koa
Indian Rosewood
Quilted Maple
Sitka Spruce




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