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A Larrivée guitar, even when silent, is a work of art. And perhaps nowhere is this more apparent, than the decorative fretboard and headstock inlays that adorn many of our deluxe series and Custom Shop instruments. Each inlay is hand engraved by Wendy Larrivee. Each headstock is unique, it's engraving and scrimshaw showing a new set of emotions.

Look closely at the design and you will see a world in miniature. A patchwork quilt of vivid colors and visual textures culminating in an overall picture with its own story to tell. A mysterious veiled dancer from an exotic land, a majestic eagle soaring high, a sprightly jester…all of these characters and figures take on a life of their own over time. While appealing to look at, they also personalize the instrument, make it your “statement” to the world of what you think a beautiful guitar should be.

Please note: Due to a production back log, we are currently not accepting any custom orders for inlays as of 9/30/06.

With numerous inlays designed and cut to date, we can accommodate virtually any need, from our limited run standard designs, to one-of-a-kind creations specified by you the player.Every inlay made at the Larrivée factory comprises a unique combination of marine shells and/or Ivoroid, perfectly matched for color, grain direction and consistency. And like some of the woods that make our guitar bodies, these select materials tend to have rather “exotic” backgrounds. Gold Mother of Pearl is shipped from the Philippines. White Mother of Pearl, a saltwater shell, comes from Australia and New Zealand. Pink Mother of Pearl, a freshwater mussel, hails from the Mississippi River. Green and red abalone come from the California coast. Ivoroid, which comes from Italy, is a substitute for ivory. Hawaiian koa wood and Canadian curly maple are used to add warm color accents. Please click below to view our Headstock, fretboard, and bridge wing inlays.



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