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Here at Larrivée Guitars, we believe education to be one of the most important factors of our lives. With this in mind, we have prepared this section of our site for you. This area contains information on the materials we use, some of our guitar building secrets, and material on the music industry in general. Most of these are in the form of essays, some in the form of articles, but they should all provide you a good reference for study. This page will grow as time moves on and as we write more documents for this section. If you wish to use any of this material for publication, just let us know.


  CAD/CAM and NC Machining   This article takes a look at what CAD/CAM & NC Machining are, and shows how they are becoming a viable tool in the manufacturing workplace.  
  Humidity & Wood This page looks at how humidity can effect high end guitars, what you can do to prevent humidity damage, and what to do if you travel with your guitar.  
  Shipping Your Instrument This short article covers the shipping of your guitar. How to package it properly, how to make sure that it gets from point A to point B.  
  Learning How To Build A Guitar A beginning point for people who want to learn how to make guitars. The page looks at where to get materials, the ways of learning, and first projects to try.  
  Sitka Spruce Essay   An essay about the Canadian Spruce that is seen on almost all Larrivée Guitars. This essay looks at the wood from full grown tree to guitar top.  



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