Brazilian Rosewood is considered to be the “Cadillac” of guitar building woods. This species is found in scattered occurrences in the eastern forests of the Brazilian state of Bahia, southward to Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro, and inland to Minas Gerais. Because of a very long history of harvesting, the species has become scarce in the more accessible regions, and conservation efforts are now underway to preserve remaining stands.

Brazilian rosewood comes in various shades of brown or violet with irregular, conspicuous black streaking. Dark specimens tend to have an oily or waxy appearance and feel. Brazilian Rosewood is known for its fragrant rose-like odor. We use Brazilian Rosewood only that is harvested legally with documents, or wood that is very old and at that only subject to intermittent availability.

Due to these factors, Indian Rosewood is more commonly featured in our production. Brazilian Rosewood is suitable for all guitar bodies and sizes, from Parlor to Jumbo, and is used as a back and side wood only.


African/Indian Ebony
Brazilian Rosewood
Flamed Maple
Hawaiian Koa
Indian Rosewood
Quilted Maple
Sitka Spruce

































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